Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family of 6

The babie are here!! It seemed like they would never arrive those last few weeks. I was exhausted, mentally and physically. Apparently I pulled it off very well, I had so many friends tell me that I made it look so easy (don't ask the hubster though, I complained the second I walked the door until I left the next morning). Now, had I been able to just come home, lay down and sleep maybe things would be different. I waddled around getting kids ready each morning, getting ready myself, I was exhausted before I even made it to work. If you talked to me, you would ask if I was okay because I could not breathe for the life of me.

That's all over now...Grier and Presley were born April 16, 2013 at 8:03 and 8:04 A.M. Grier weighed 6lbs 12oz. and Presley weighed 6lbs 13oz. Now, that's some big baby girls to be twins. That morning was one I remember very well...
I had never had a c-section, I was all for it when they scheduled it, the night before, different story. I could not go to sleep until 2:00am, we had to be at the hospital ready to go at 5:30am, that wasn't very smart. I made it to the hospital and got hooked up and the nurses started getting started on everything. I remember them taking me back to the operating room, at that point I realized how scared I was. I prayed, and I prayed HARD. I honestly don't think I've ever prayed so hard. I was scared for myself but mainly my girls, I just wanted them to be healthy. Thankfully, they are perfect. Ater they were born, the rest was a blur, I was pretty much out of it that day. If you came to visit, thank you! Lol! There were people in and out, friends, family, doctors, nurses,etc. I cannot brag enough on the care I received from our hospital,they had some of the best on staff during my stay.

We are home now, going on week 7, it's been extremely busy. Besides the birth, we've had recovery, dr appts, sickness, end of school year stuff, PreK graduation, t-ball, dance recital, and we managed to squeeze in a vacation to the beach. Needless to say, a schedule for us hasn't been top priority, how can I schedule with this kind of schedule? I've had some help here and there, lots of people have offered to help. I'm a little hard headed and stubborn and won't take any help until I'm absolutely desperate, and after that I will only ask family to help. I know our schedules are hectic and I wouldn't want to intefere with someone that is probably just as busy as me, plus, not sure when I can return the favor so I don't ask. Call me crazy, my husband does, Lol!!

Anyways if and when you see me out, pay no attention the fact I look like scum with no makeup on and wringled clothes, you're lucky I took a shower that day (at least I hope I squeezed one it). I post pics on Facebook here and there and you all give me some amazing comments, you just don't know how many takes it took to get one half way decent looking picture, haha!! After much thought and consideration, I've decided to stay home for now with the kids. My work was very understanding of this, I cannot be happier at the moment with my decision. It may be a short lived one, but we shall see. This family is worth every second that I can put my heart into it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grier & Presley

Our 2 precious twin baby girls, McKinley Grier & Presley Cate are doing great!! They both weigh 12 oz each and are set to arrive April 2013!! We are beside ourselves!!! They will be called Grier & Presley

Kayleigh is so happy about her sisters, she was overwhelmed, laughing with excitement. Poor Grant, he was a little bummed he won't have a brother but he's only 4 years old so that lasted about a minute, Lol! He promised he would still take care of his little sisters.

We still need prayers that the girls (& ME), we want them healthy and to stay in as long as possible. We also have tons of work to complete on our home to accommodate our growing family, pray we make it through it :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 + 2 = 4

Did you read that title?! As the Hubster and I thought we were preparing ourselves to have a 3rd child, we went to the doctor, as we're about to see our newest little peanut we see not one but TWO!!! Yes, we are having twins!!!! We are very excited and blessed more than we can imagine!!!! Our other two kiddos are extremely excited (but are determined not to change a dirty diaper, lol!)! I'm not going to say the last 12 weeks have been the easiest but the sickness is going away, maybe the energy fairy will visit again soon?!  I ask for prayers for these babies, and prayers for this worrying momma here! I sympathize with everyone and their horror twin pregnancy, baby absorbed stories but please spare them for the next person, I seriously don't think I can hear another one.  Oh, and the next time I hear "better you then me" I'll tell you how much I agree with you :)

We are so excited and thank you all for your prayers, they are much appreciated!!!

I thank God for the many blessings he has given our family and the many more to come :) 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Time moves so fast....

Crazy busy...

So glad to say my little man is back to normal.  His voice has changed, drastically to me, others seem to think it's not that bad.  I cannot get used to it, I really feel quite horrible about it too.  The first few days after his procedure, we told him he did not have to talk in that "whiny" voice.  Well, soon enough we found out, that is his voice!! He actually sounds like a 3 year old :(  I have a sad face because I feel like a different child is speaking to me, crazy I know.  Since he was about 6mths old you could understand 80% of what he was saying, it only got better from there.  We were told so many times "Wow, he talks really good" and he's my little man, I loved to hear him talk.  Don't get me wrong, I still do, it's just taking some getting used to. He is sleep so much better :)  I will take feeling and sleeping good over any "whiny" voice.

I "mustache" a question- ever helped with a baby shower? My friends and I gave a baby shower to my best friends...that is a whole other post by itself and I can't wait to share.  I'm just waiting on the pictures that were taken to share.  It was a bow-tie and mustache theme, so darn cute :)

Had a Thirty-One Party, lots of fun and free stuff! I'm down for freebies!! Can't wait to get my stuff in and attend the parties of the lovely ladies that booked off mine and get another free bag! whoop!  If you've never heard of Thirty-One, check it out online...I have an awesome consultant I could hook you up with.

This town we live in is getting out of hand a little...makes me feel like I'm living in the big city.  Makes me sad, read our paper and it'll tell you all about the craziness going on.

This house...constant battle here.  Trying to figure out what to do next and we have got so many clothes.  Anybody else got piles and piles and PILES of laundry (and sock piles)?? I'm serious! I can't stand it, I wash and dry, wash and dry, and you problem (just like half of American women) is the folding.  I wouldn't mind it so much if I actually had room for all of the clothes.  I have officially decided build my new closet around my laundry room, I'm not lying.  So, if I start pinning the heak outta closets and laundry rooms you now know why.  Sorry Pinterest's about to start again.  I really feel bad for some followers sometimes b/c my pins show up like a mad women. 

On another note, we've been extremely busy.  Every single night this week we have had something to do.  It has finally caught up with my Kayleigh-bug.  She was sound asleep by 6:30 and she will sleep ALL night long.  She's been the best little girl this week, she's just growing up on me :(  My babies are sweet and I've learned this week that I've got to stop doing some things to be able to see how sweet they are.  I don't have a lot of patience, I try but I always realize it when it's too late (or when Josh points it out to me, which I can't stand, LOL).  My babies are 5 and 3 and they are both changing all the time, sometimes they act so grown up that I forget how young they are.  Does that sound crazy?  What I'm saying is I think I put more on them than I probably should.  Does a 3 yr old really know how to clean a room? brush teeth? Maybe...but not the way I do or the way it should be done.  They still need their momma :) Why do we realize things after the fact? Another thing, in public I catch myself over-reacting, or being too overbearing...weird how we change.  I guess I'm afraid they will run off, run into someone, etc...I don't know.  I find myself saying to myself, Christina, take a chill pill.  They are just kids.

Last but not least....I have made a huge life-changing decision.  I've prayed about it and God is in complete control.  I'm scared, nervous, excited, and every other emotion you could possibly think of, I'm feeling it. Please say a prayer for me on this.  There are some things in life you don't take lightly, this is one. Alrighty, I'm more mushiness going on here.

Have an awesome weekend my friends!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hibernating = no fun!

Today I am ready...ready to break out the paint and start something new....unfortuantely the husbter put a stop to that. BOO!! He said I had to finish other started projects first.  As bad as I hate to say it, he's right.  So, as you read this Josh, I didn't say it out loud and I won't, hehe!  I guess I better get started on my unfinished list first (grrrr).  This weekend has not been loads of fun by no means.  It has however been the first weekend that we have not had anything planned on a Saturday in looong time.  It was nice.  Let me tell you what was not so nice though.  Grant is not feeling 100%, more on that in a min, the other is the dishwasher started leaking (yeah, our dishwasher 1 yr warranty expired about 1 month ago, BOO!!).  Yeah, that encounter word I like to use, it not all fun enounters sometimes.  Anywho-

My sweet baby boy just had his tonsils and his adenoids out Friday morning.  It was such an eventful morning, one I hope I don't have go through ever again.  Grant has been an extremely loving, wild, adventurous, talkative, never ever complaining little man.  It all started with his ears, you would never know it but he's had ummmm 20 ear infections since birth, tubes put in at 9 mths old, also came out within the next 9 mths.  After being on antibiotics for the last 3 yrs, we were referred to another ENT specialist.  Surgery scheduled and deductible + 20% paid (ouch) we are on our way to the surgerical facility this past Friday morning.  We've waited a long enough for this surgery, we see light at the end of the tunnel.  The all of the sudden out of no where my child throws up on the WAY to surgery, seriously?!  My child stops breathing at night and now when we're almost there and he's getting sick, I wanted to get sick at that moment.  Knowing they probably wouldn't go through with it now. 

We get there, vitals are good, no temperature, all we can come up with is the fact that he is nervous.  In my mind, I wondered "can a 3 yr old who doesn't fully understand what is about to happen get nervous??"  I guess so! Especially when I find out his older sister said he was going to get his throat cut off, she obvisouly didn't fully comprehend the surgery herself.  I really didn't think Grant would grasp the concept of time and Friday morning being different from Saturday morning, idk, I guess I under estimated him, sorry little man.  Me, Josh, and his dad are all sitting there waiting for the "loopy meds" and the nurse comes in and forces it down his throat with a figured it out yet? Yep, more sickness...Imagine sitting there after getting sick and the doctor has restricted you from drinking anything therefore your throat is still burning, God bless my baby.  Decisions for mom and we go through with this surgery or not?! We did.  Thankfully, it must have been nerves.  He's done really well, considering I had set myself up for diaster with a 3 yr old.  Today is probably the first day has not went very well.  Friday, he was awesome!  I kept thinking, this is great, he doesn't hurt at all.  The last two days haven't been so great, he's hurting more today too.  Doesn't help the pain medicine apparently taste really bad, I'll take his word for it.  Just pray my sweet boy continues to recover good.  Nana is on her way to help out while I go back to work Tuesday.

We didn't make it to church today, Grant doesn't need to be exposed to any other sickness that could be lurking and I have carried him 2 solid days everywhere so I can barely walk.  On a good note, this chick as got some new TV & internet.  After sitting here and finally getting it installed the last 2 hours I'm pleased so far.  I'll update more on that as time progresses.  Still trying to learn the new channels which is extremely a pain, but with 300 channels, what should I expect?!  Internet, it's working, and as long as it continues, I'll be one happy momma :) 

Happy Sunday my friends!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Turning the 3-0, is it that bad?! Nahhh!!!

As I sit here, I'm thinking about all that have forgotten me, not hardly mentioned, the dreadful 3-0.  In my own mind, I'm almost grateful.  Birthdays never work out for me, ask my family.  I have a rain on my parade every single year!! In my youthful days, I was so stoked for going out and partying, however, there were some that wouldn't jump on the band-wagon with me and my good times, or it turned into going out and doing things others wanted to do instead of me (ah-hem, my close friends know EXACTLY what I'm talking about)....Anyways, I want to stress how GRATEFUL this mom is.

This last year didn't go as well as planned but I'm not going to complain because I have been blessed beyond belief.  If this gal is losing her youth, I've still got my looks, ha!  I weigh less now than I did before I had kids, I still have my wit and charm too :) 

The things I've learned:
  2. When I make a mistake, I make amends the second I realize I made one (even though the recieving party doesn't accept, insert sad face)
  3. Black is more slimming than any diet I've tried
  4. No matter how great the deal is, that doesn't mean the shirt fits
  5. Stripes go down not across..the larger your frame, the larger the pattern
  6. Cut some people slack, not everyone is perfect like myself, lol!
  7. If you don't want the truth, don't ask
  8. Do NOT text and drive, thou may die in accident or kill someone else
  9. What I want isn't always what I need
  10. Be open to change but never compromise values
 I have an awesome family.  My own family is what keeps me on my toes, they have taught me to find joy in simple things.  Pickard/Putnam family keeps me in the loop and will literally tell it like it is or lie straight to your face, yes, we all know this about ourselves and we're okay with it, it's sort of an inside joke. 

On a side note, I'm dying to try out an antique mall I've been hearing about in the next town, I hope I get to go!! If I do, I may find an interesting piece of furniture to re-do! Have a great weekend!!